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"OT Questions is a great way to study for the NBCOT ® board exam! My favorite concept of this study aid was the amount of detailed feedback given after each question. Whether you got an answer correct or incorrect, there was a reasoning behind each answer choice." -M.G.

"I really love OTQuestions. I really like how easy and straightforward the site is to use. It is simple, clean, and user friendly. What I enjoyed most about using OTQuestions was that I was able to completely customize a test based upon my needs. I like that I am able to chose which questions surrounding which practice areas/domains I would like to be tested over and I enjoyed being able to chose specifics for the test including timed/untimed, tutor/no tutor, and how many questions." -A.R.

"I loved having detailed explantations about the questions that I got wrong. There was also a large variety of questions. I liked how you could also focus on one specific category during my studying. This helped me narrow down what I needed to practice more before the exam. Having the timed option was a great resource too. I loved being able to do use it on my phone. When I was at work and had a quick break or I had a quick 5-10 minutes, I was able to go through questions on my phone very easily. Overall this was a great resource for me- and very affordable!!" --E.P.

"I really liked that I was able to customize the quizzes and focus on specific areas that I needed to practice. Another benefit of this website is the ability to get detailed and objective feedback on my progress. Most importantly, there was an option to see the correct answers explained which helped me recognize gaps in my knowledge of a given topic." -J.V.

"Overall, it was really great to have more questions to practice with while preparing to take the board exam. I liked how there were functions that allowed for the selection of broad topics when taking practice tests. It was nice to have the exams and rationales saved to refer back to as needed. The timed feature was unique from other exam prep I've used in that it force closed the test when time was up, which was motivating to move at a steady pace throughout the exams and good for my time tracking. I also liked knowing that OT clinicians monitored and were involved in the selection of questions and rationales. The feedback feature was a great idea, and I was able to see some comments/questions from other users. I wish that this would have been more taken advantage of, both by myself and other users." -K.P.

" OTQuestions was a great resource! They have a diverse range of questions and their rationales on questions you got wrong were really thorough. I would recommend this as a cost effective study tool to a friend. The people who made OTQuestions answer any questions you have right away and are so helpful." --A.A.

" I enjoyed OTQuestions! So many practice questions, and personally, it was easier and more effective to review and practice this way than going over material in the book! ...I liked the options that the user can customize according to their learning style. I liked the tutor mode for reviewing while doing questions, and the timed option was useful in pacing myself...I would definitely recommend this to anyone I know that are preparing to take the NBCOT ®. I talked to my classmates about OTQuestions already! ...Overall I had a great experience with OTQuestions. In addition to the great program, it was so easy to contact and get help if I needed- all responses were timely. Thank you all so much!" -W. Z.

"I enjoyed having a study tool that is similar to the actual test. I used OTQuestions at the beginning of my studying for the NBCOT ®, it definitely boosted my confidence and helped me narrow down the areas I needed to focus on more. I answered every single question that OTQuestions had to offer (minus a few CST questions) and I really enjoyed seeing my progress improve each time I took a short test. Thank you for helping me become an OTR!" -S.T.

"This is the best review website for the NBCOT® that exists.  The questions are awesome and the OTR® clinical simulator test cases are the most I've seen anywhere.  If you want to crush the NBCOT® on the first try, this is the website for you!"


"Wow, this website is amazing.  All of the questions have thorough explanations.  All of the topics on the exam have been covered.  I wish I had this website when I was studying for my boards.  This is going to be an awesome tool!!!"  --L.M.